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Why Cybersecurity Startups Should Target Big Businesses in Their Marketing Strategies

Posted by: Rushal Patel Date: Nov 26, 2016 7:24:26 PM

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Many startup companies are intimidated by the idea of courting high-profile companies. It is actually very important to try and make your brand known to large enterprises because having high-profile clients can lead to more exposure and better sales.

The cybersecurity industry has simply never been more relevant. The reality is that cybersecurity is an area that touches all facets of life and business because cyber threats can occur in any digital setting. One only has to look to the many high-profile data breaches that have happened in recent years to understand how important it is to take proper security measures. Many of the companies that have been attacked actually had expensive and sophisticated digital security measures in place. However, those measures simply weren't enough. This is why large enterprises are so important if you own a cybersecurity startup company. These enterprises are always looking for innovative companies that offer something different than what is already on the table. There are some key reasons why you shouldn't skip big businesses as you try to build a client base. Aiming high could help you to turn your startup company into a staple in the IT world. The bottom line is that marketing dollars spent on attracting big companies won't be wasted.

An Opportunity to Be Seen as an Innovator

Coming in as the underdog or the new kid on the block is a great strategy when you're trying to break into the tech world. If you offer cybersecurity options, it can definitely be hard to compete with the big brands out there. However, positioning your brand to be seen as an outside voice is a smart strategy because people are always looking for solutions that come from outside the box. You can court clients based on the fact that your enterprise offers innovative strategies that have never been done before. This will add value to your brand because potential clients may find that the solutions you offer solve problems and provide tools that current solutions simply don't. In addition, the ability of a startup company to offer great service and personalized attention can make that company seem very attractive to wary IT managers who are tired of dealing with faceless representatives from popular cybersecurity firms.


Having one high-profile client can really open doors. Taking the time and effort to heavily pursue high-profile clients is a worthwhile endeavor that can pay off generously. The reality in the tech industry is that hype is a big deal. Companies are always looking over their shoulders to see what competitors are doing. If one major company or enterprise chooses to go with a startup company, this will definitely make others sit up and take notice. In fact, you might say that closing a deal with a big brand is one of the best forms of advertising you could possible hope for as a startup company. This is why it's important to be as flexible as possible while negotiating with high-profile clients early in the game. Making a deal with a big company early in the game should be seen as a way to elevate your profile instead of just a method of making money.

Financial Incentives

The bottom line is that big companies and enterprises have the capacity to pay out large amounts of money to the companies they work with. Signing a cybersecurity contract with a few large enterprises would be enough to keep most startup companies in the position to stay in business and grow. This is an important thing to keep in mind as you court large businesses. While they may not be willing to sign a large contract with a startup company that's unheard of, they may be willing to use a specific product or service that you offer as part of your overall product line. This should be enough to satisfy a startup owner for a while. If a company is pleased with the way your startup delivers on a small matter, there may be room for a larger contract down the line. The goal is to offer such impeccable service and performance in small matters that your startup company is up for consideration when a high-profile company needs additional services.

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