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Integrate All Technologies

You must invest in a customer-relationship management software AND a marketing-automation software so you can track individuals throughout their buyers' journey.

By syncing contacts between the two systems your marketing-automation software recognizes existing contacts when they engage with your marketing team.

Align Marketing and Sales

When a lead comes in through your marketing efforts, he or she will go through many stages before becoming a customer. Nurture leads before handing them off to sales.

Gain efficiency and transparency in your funnel by aligning your marketing-automation platform and CRM with internal processes so that you can see what's working and what isn't.

Break Down the Silos

Break down silos between your marketing and sales teams and ensure that when a marketing-qualified lead is handed to sales, all the relevant information is provided clearly.

With this integration, your sales team will consistently have the most up-to-date leads from your marketing team. Additionally, your sales team will have the ability to leverage the intelligence data gathered from your marketing efforts so it can prioritize and personalize its communications with new leads.

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