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Why Video Marketing Will Dominate In 2017?

Posted by: Rushal Patel Date: Dec 30, 2016 1:00:00 PM

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Have you recently hovered over a smartphone and chuckled at an adorable viral video with a friend or colleague? Did you recently share a video on your social media page that had some powerful political talking points? There's just something about a funny or informative video that makes us want to share it with our friends, family and colleagues. Videos can have that same power when it comes to your B2B tech company. Here's what an effective video should be able to do:

  • Inform
  • Persuade
  • Communicate a brand story and value proposition
  • Build relationships and trust


Why Video Is A Better Investment Than Words?

Research done by Forrester's Dr. James McQuivey estimates that just one minute of video has the same impact on decisions as 1.8 million words. It would be almost impossible to get the casual viewer to sit down and read that many words about your product or service. This is especially important when you consider that a recent Forbes study pointed out that 59 percent of executives would prefer to watch a video than to read text. This makes video an amazingly efficient option if you're looking for optimizing return on investment.


Video Marketing Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Video marketing is expected to rule in 2017. Cisco has predicted that video consumption will account for 69 percent of all Internet traffic of consumers by the end of the upcoming year. Two big reasons for this increase are:

  • Higher Internet speed
  • Increased mobile usage
This change is a good news for technology B2B companies because they can use the power of video to demonstrate their services and dominate their niches. Of course, riding the wave of video marketing buzz the right way all comes down to creating and distributing relevant content. Why is video gaining the edge over words? The strengths of video are:
  • Less effort to consume
  • Easier to connect with speakers
  • Demonstrates products in use
  • Catches the eye in social media feeds


Companies That Understand The Power Of A Video

The last part of 2016 already gave us a glimpse into what we can expect in the year ahead. There was a noticeable increase in live videos and streaming at the end of 2016. Services like Facebook Live and Snapchat helped many brands and personalities dominate the conversation and in gaining enough traction. These live videos are extremely successful at making content feel personal and direct. Many established companies have also embraced video to push their products. Here are some of the best recent examples of using video to demonstrate how a product or service works:

  • GoToMeeting released a commercial done completely in the style of a real-life video conference between a client and vendor - video marketing done right!

  • Taulia created a 30-second video that showcases real B2B problems with a genuine and audience-relevant sense of humor featuring an immortal line ‘Don’t wind up homeless on the streets: let Taulia automate your early payment discounts'.

  • Squarespace released a video featuring Jeff Bridges learning how to build a website using the brand's platform.


How To Tap Into The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

Many startup leaders are a bit intimated by the rise of this powerful marketing tactic because it might seem like an overwhelming task to take on. After all, not all of us have the creativity and vision to put out video content that is entertaining, engaging and visually appealing. There are two basic ways to approach the task of creating a video presence online.

The first approach is to create a completely polished channel that establishes your brand as sophisticated and developed. They key to pulling this off successfully is to:

  • Use crisp audio, professional lighting and graphics
  • Deliver tutorials, cover breaking industry news or offer insightful commentaries regarding industry trends
  • Have a "talking head" or consistent spokesperson
The second approach is to embrace the amateur status of your videos. There are plenty of online personalities and startup brands that have gained huge following by uploading simple, no-frills videos. The key to pulling this off successfully is to:
  • Embrace your upstart status
  • Make your videos appear like organic, grassroot content
  • Focus on making viewers feel like they are being invited to something new, fresh and developing


Why Your Startup Needs Video Marketing In 2017?

Video accomplishes what words can't because it puts a face and voice to a brand. People are more likely to make a connection with your brand if they can imagine using it or picture how it will enhance their experiences. It can be utilized to give your marketing initiatives a boost both in the viral sense and during one-on-one sales encounters. In addition to organic shares among viewers, you also want content that can be easily referred to when members of your internal team are networking at events and trade shows; a video will give further boost to your first handshake.
So, what is the bottom line on why video is more effective than blocks of texts or long blogs? The big factor that makes video superior to words is that there are so many platforms where a video can be shared and watched in its entirety. Even a video that is several minutes or hours long can be watched on Facebook, YouTube or other popular platforms. A blog piece or article that conveys the same amount of information could not be shared on the same platform without prompting readers to follow a link to an outside page
Final words? A video can grow legs in ways that a simple blog post or article simply can't!
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