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Learn to Love Content Marketing With These Simple Steps

Posted by: Susan Loughmiller Date: Oct 27, 2015 6:35:00 PM

Getting_Your_Head_Around_Content_Marketing1. Tell A Story

People love a good success story, so reading about a startup that’s making it is something that could help more people pay attention to you, and eventually like or use your product or service. Don’t use a public-relations tone. Tell your story in a more human way – how you got where you are, what the first months or years were like, what you are hoping to accomplish. You can let someone proofread The Story, but make sure it still sounds like and is, really, you.

This is the most important of all the steps, writes the Lean Content Marketing Blog. Consider for example the popularity of the movies about the origins of Facebook and the brilliance of Steve Jobs. People just can’t get enough of a true story about how a small idea was brought to great fruition - struggle included - by real people.


2. Work With People Who Know Content Marketing

Make sure you have defined your story first, then reach out to people for the professional skills you may need to help execute the storytelling. If you cannot afford someone who knows how to strategize and how to work with posting and maintaining digital content, consider working with a marketing consultant until you can afford and assemble your own team.

Already, 93 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing techniques. You can join this trend without having a fulltime marketing staff.


3. Choose Keywords Carefully

Using a large number of keywords that are not on point is widely recognized now as unethical, not to mention highly annoying. Relevance helps everyone – not just you, but the consumer who really is interested in what you have to offer. Google and other services offer keyword exploration tools that will help you look into what resonates with your specific business offerings and read data on how many people are using or looking for those keywords.

More than half of people in marketing for corporations believe content is one of the most effective tactics to bring people to end a search on your site, and learn about your startup.


4. Point to Bloggers Who Are Legitimate and Professional

You need to know your industry to do this well. Take time to research and read the content in your specific field. Then, comment on posts and blogs that you find informative and well written. Good business relationships can pay off if you invest the work to engage with people authentically. Perhaps some of your target bloggers will let you blog on their site, or vice versa.

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