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Your Cybersecurity Startup Must Have These 4 Qualities

Posted by: Rushal Patel Date: Oct 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The cybersecurity sector has never been more important. Threats that attempt to breach networks and steal valuable personal information are coming from every direction. Even the biggest companies in the world have become victims of hackers. When starting a cybersecurity firm, you are essentially trying to build enough recognition to convince clients to trust you with the most valuable assets they posses. This responsibility is enough to keep any startup owner up at night. The big challenge that many tech startup companies face is that they essentially serve two masters when it comes to what their goals are. A cybersecurity firm must devote resources to stopping security attacks and thwarting hackers. However, that same firm must also deliver a user-friendly product that can be easily integrated into a client's work cycle. Can any company really dream of succeeding when facing obstacles and challenges in what is already a very competitive marketplace? A startup company can thrive if its leaders know the four qualities necessary for success. Take a look at the four ways to put key values into practice when introducing your startup to the world.

Know Your Value

To say that the cybersecurity world is complex is an understatement. The services offered by cybersecurity firms are unique because these firms are actually tasked with providing a negative goal. They need to be able to prevent an action from taking place. This can make it hard to sell what you're offering if you're a new cybersecurity firm. It is important to have a unique value that demonstrates that you offer more than simply a way to block unauthorized access. Does your product make it easier to keep intruders out without making it more difficult for authorized users to access systems? Does your product provide a user-friendly interface that gives IT security officers real-time visual tools? Things that differentiate your product bring value to your product.

Bring Your Technical Experience to a Specific Domain

The cybersecurity industry actually covers a very broad range of things. Small businesses are looking for different things than international corporations are when it comes to protecting networks and safeguarding data. Focusing on one sector can help you to position your startup company as a go-to source for solutions. For instance, the healthcare industry has very specific needs when it comes to keeping files safe and allowing for streamlined workflows among users. Focusing on what a particular sector demands in its security needs can help your startup become a trusted authority.

Impress Your Target Audience

If you're building a cybersecurity product that everyone can use, you're building the wrong product. It is so important to build a platform or product that solves the problems of a particular sector. Trying to go too broad and be all things to all people will only make your product clunky and ineffective. You need to know the needs of your target audience as intimately as possible if you want to streamline your product as efficiently as possible. The key is to start with trust. A sector can't trust your company to take care of its cybersecurity needs if it doesn't trust your company as an authority on the issues at hand. Of course, you don't want to attempt to build trust by relying on fear tactics about the threats that exist. Real trust can only be built by courting market validation. This can be achieved by developing or testing products in collaboration with individuals or institutions with reputations for being industry experts.

Be Prepared for the Long Haul

Success isn't just something that you wake up with one morning. The road to becoming a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions is a long and rocky one. The reality is that your startup is competing with companies that have been formed by some of the sharpest minds in the tech world. You need to be prepared and willing to follow a path of constant innovation and change if you want to build a brand with value. In addition to competition, you actually have an even bigger adversary to deal with. Technology itself is often the greatest obstacle that tech firms face. You need to be prepared to change course according to the latest innovations and trends that pop up. Changing technologies impact cybersecurity firms from two different ends. You'll need to be able to keep up with the evolving threats that attack networks. A cybersecurity startup can never sleep because hackers are constantly coming up with sophisticated methods of going around proven security measures. The second big obstacle that technology presents is the fact that your firm has to constantly adopt the latest innovations when it comes to the way you deliver and execute your product.
Is it possible to stand out as a new name in the cybersecurity sector? These four aforementioned values are the ones every startup owner must live and work by when courting clients and trying to build a reputation in the challenging tech industry.
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