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Shachi Kaul

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Do You Know That Ignoring Buyer Persona Means a Failed Marketing Strategy?

Posted by: Shachi Kaul
Feb 21, 2017 12:47:00 PM


Most leaders of successful B2B tech companies wake up in the morning thinking about buyer personas. The reality is that you can't sell your brand if you don't know who you're selling it to. This is why creating a buyer persona is one of the first steps startup marketers in the tech world need to take. How serious is the need for using a buyer persona? It could make the different between breaking into the market successfully or fading into oblivion. 


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Is Your Marketing Strategy Protected Against Changing Buyer Behavior?

Posted by: Shachi Kaul
Feb 14, 2017 1:30:00 PM


Tech startups don't have a lot of room for miscalculating buyer behaviors. Here's what you need to know to be able to anticipate, identify and satisfy changing buyer behaviors for the sake of creating an effective marketing strategy.

The buyer you engage with today won't be the buyer you engage with tomorrow. The reality is that the fast-paced, whirlwind nature of the tech landscape means that the needs of buyers are changing at a rapid pace. What are some of the things that can drive the fickle natures of buyers? Most people are influenced by two factors:

  • Rising expectations
  • Mobile obsessions

The reality is that a B2B company needs to be able to rise to the challenge when the expectations of buyers change. The goal should be to meet demands without shattering the core of what you offer. This can often be achieved by tweaking the way you deliver a product or engage with buyers instead of actually overhauling your product completely. Survival in the competitive B2B marketplace all comes down to creating a buyer-led marketing strategy.


Topics: B2B Marketing, Buyer Persona, Tech Startups

Not Validating Your Assumptions Is Like Digging Your Own Grave!

Posted by: Shachi Kaul
Jan 27, 2017 12:35:04 PM


Are you basing your tech startup's marketing plan on assumptions or data? Not validating your assumptions can do serious damage to your ability to successfully launch your brand.

A wrong assumption can be toxic for any marketing strategy. There simply isn't any room for false assumptions when you need to measure every move and account for every dollar while managing your startup's marketing strategy. Boldly assuming that you already know what your customers need and how to deliver it to them can prove to be a fatal mistake.

Never Assume What The Customer Wants

Every business would be successful if knowing what customers want was as easy as making a few assumptions without doing research. The reality is that you have to look deep beneath common perceptions and conventional wisdom if you want to build a successful brand.


Topics: B2B Marketing, Buyer Persona, Tech Startups

10 Ways To Ensure Your B2B Marketing Budget Fails

Posted by: Shachi Kaul
Jan 20, 2017 8:15:53 PM

As a senior marketing executive, you likely spend your day juggling an ever-changing list of priorities. When it is time to create your annual budget, you may view the task as an annoyance rather than an opportunity. However, the act of creating your budget gives you the chance to review what you have done, consider what you want to accomplish during the coming months and create a map that can help you achieve your goals. Unless you avoid the most common marketing budget pitfalls, though, you could find that your budgeted funds fail to generate the results that you want. Here is a list of the 10 most common errors that occur when planning a marketing budget.


Topics: B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Budget