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Inbound Marketing Strategy Development

inbound marketing strategyInbound marketing can help generate quality leads at a much lower acquisition cost than outbound marketing, but it needs proper direction to provide a solid ROI.

The first step in inbound marketing is the strategy development; we call this an Inbound Marketing Game Plan. This Game Plan sets the tone and the goals for the entire project moving forward.

  1. Discovery: Evaluate your current online performance, your brand, products and services. Understand your audience (buyer) personas, product and services, points of differentiation and the competition.
  2. Strategy & Campaigns: Devise an Inbound Marketing Game Plan designed to out maneuver the competition, develop strategies for website conversion, search, social media, campaigns, and content creation.
  3. Campaign Calendar and Schedules: Devise the editorial and campaign calendar and prepare advance content ready to get started.

At MarketHeed, we can help you determine your target buyer personas and create marketing plans and strategies that generate positive ROI from your inbound marketing campaigns.

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